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I do not post what we eat often, but I happen to take some pictures of our dinner tonight. I decided to make Taco Chili!


Vegetable Oil

2 cups Pinto Beans

1lb. Turkey Meat

I Can Tomato Sauce

I Can Corn

I Package Taco Mix

2 tbsp Sour Cream


2 lg. Onions

That's it, give or take. My Mom makes homemade salsa and sent me home with 2 jars on Christmas, and it is HOT! So, I only added a couple spoon fulls. However, if someone needed to buy a can of salsa I would add 1 can of mild. If someone is going to add Pace or a salsa like it, I would add a half of a cup. You get the idea I am sure.

How To:

1.) Rinse beans
2.) Place beans in a nice pot
3.) Fill pot with water just until beans are covered
4.) Turn the burner on low (3 on my stove)
5.) With some oil, soften 2 diced onions
6.) When onions are seethrough add garlic
7.) Place onions and garlic in pot with beans
8.) Cook turkey meat in pan used to cook onions and garlic
9.) When turkey is cooked add it into pot
10.) Drain corn and add in pot
11.) Add tomato sause to pot
12.) Add one can water (use tomato can) in pot
13.) Add salsa, taco mix, and cilantro in pot
14.) Cook on low for roughly 2 hours
15.) Add salt to taste at the end

I spooned Scott and I two big ladle fulls each and topped with a tbsp of sour cream. This would be good with some cheese on top, and maybe even with tortilla chips on the side.

End Result:

I took photos of the items I used in hopes to show the calories, fat, sodium, etc. Some of the images aren't very clear, though. All in all, one serving of this healthy, filling, and yummy Taco Chili is less than 700 calories. On top of that, it is full of fiber and low in fat, which our heart loves.

--Scott and I both consume 1500+ calories a day each. This was merely one meal, our dinner, that I thought I'd share.--

Out of respect to each awesome community I am a part of, I'd like to note that this has been crossposted to 100pounds2lose, live_healthy, losetogether, the720lbcouple, 100pluswl


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