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Everyone seems to like when I post images of the meals I cook and I enjoy doing it, so I have more to post. The pictures below are of our dinner on 12-30-07, which was a veggie and chicken stir fry. I cooked the chicken with curry and a tad-bit of olive oil. I steamed plain white rice in our steamer while the chicken was going. I then cooked down onions until they were seethrough, added mushrooms, added peas, and added carrots. I seasoned the veggies with chinese hot sauce and soy sauce. I threw the cooked chicken in with the veggies and served over the white rice. The plate shown with the chicken and veggies over white rice was for both of us. It was very filling and yummy!

Now then, I have also posted images of our romantic dinner we have planned for tonight! Tonight is New Years Eve and luckily we are not the party type. So, we plan on having shrimp cocktail for dinner and some sparkling grape juice to toast to.

I hope you all in cyberland have a fantastic and safe New Years!!!!!

12-30-07 Dinner:

12-31-07 Dinner:

I do not do calorie counts, because my diet doesn't require it. We still aren't really starting this journey until around January the 14th, but we have always been somewhat on our diets. We just need to work out and make sure to eat enough times a day no matter how busy we are. Anyway, I cannot tell you all how many calories each of these dinners are. I think most people out there know they are "healthy", though. I am sure there are healthier meals out there, but these meals are fine. Plus, both of these meals are on our diets.

--Scott and I both consume 1500+ calories a day each. This was merely two meals, both dinners, that I thought I'd share.--

Out of respect to each awesome community I am a part of, I'd like to note that this has been crossposted to 100pounds2lose, live_healthy, losetogether, the720lbcouple, 100pluswl


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Jan. 2nd, 2008 03:16 am (UTC)
The stir fry looks delish!!
Jan. 2nd, 2008 03:23 am (UTC)
Thanks! It was very yummy. :o)
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