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Long Overdue Update

Getting on track has not been as quick or easy as I had once though. I am still hopeful nonetheless! I am in my thrid week of the new semester, so I have a good idea of the time I have in a day to spend on working out. Today Scott and I finally put our foot down and literally walked out of Sam's to go to Ozark Natural Foods. We are working on eating smaller portions, enjoying more veggies and fruits than usual, eating breakfast, eliminating salt from meals, and working out a little more everyday.

Tonight for dinner we cooked a perfect two person portion, according to the package, soba noodle stir fry. It came with the noodles and sauce, all low and null of fat, calories, chol., and sodium. I added in one tablespoon of soy sauce, firm tofu, steamed broccoli, steamed shatake mushrooms, and steamed peas/carrots. So, basically it was a basic tofu stir fry. It was light, a correct individual profortion, completely natural because we purchased everything at Ozark Natural Foods, filling, and healthy. I have to be honest, that was the first great meal we've had in terms of our new lifestyle and goals.

I have classes twice a week and Scott works five days a week. We've been helping one another keep up the workout. I had no idea how hard it really was to do actual workouts, because walking is so easy. Two weeks ago when I used the elliptical machine at a fast and steady pace I was tired within 15 minutes. I made sure regardless of how little time I was on, though, to get my heart rate up so that it was actually aerobic. I can now do 30 minutes, but I take a small break here and there. I can tell this is going to be a long and slow uphill battle, but I am in it completely. Scott and I will do this! My goal of 100 pounds seems unrealistic and far away to me right now; now that I see how difficult this will be. Doesn't matter, though. We are determined and ready and willing to take this road however long and hard it may be!

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