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Hello all. I am one of your Mods. My fiancee and I have recently decided to change our lives together. I created our livejournal (We're Out Of Excuses) as a way to really open up and share our journey and hopefully help others along the way.

I joined about 20 LJ communities initially and only recieved comments from less than 10. Most were not active for the most part. Then, from those 10 I had problems in some of them. There were a lot of rules and attackers. If I posted a link to my diet of choice or an item I wanted from Target I was called a spammer and troll. I was told I work for them or I wouldn't post their links. Anyway, I was so shocked at their comments that I left those groups. We are now a part of 6 communities, I think. Those 6 are GREAT! We've made a lot of friends and they are really active.

I decided to make my own group for no REAL reason. I just wanted a community of my own. I think I've got some looser rules than others (the ones I left). I may not ever gain members, because I know there are some great communities out there already. Most of them have over 100 members, and some have even over 1,000 members. I hope you all, my readers, do take a moment to join. Healthy weight loss and fitness is going to be a part of our lives until we die and I'd love to have a group of people to share this journey with.


Lose Together
Lose Together

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